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Wheels For Wells – Finally Here!
Wheels For Wells Announces 2012 Ride Dates. July 8th – July 14th 2012

Nags Head, NC – Ocean City, NJ July 8th – July 14th 2012

Finally Here!

Written by Christopher Carr on Monday, August, 1st, 2011

After 2 years of planning, praying, hoping, and working, Wheels for Wells has taken off. Ten riders have taken the challenge and are riding to bring life….WATER…to Africa. The route takes them from Nags Head, NC, to Ocean City, NJ. They have completed DAY 1 in fantastic fashion and have succeeded in raising close to $20,000 in funds that will go directly to putting wells and water systems into some desperately needy places in Africa. We are humbled and grateful for every rider, every volunteer, and every donor that has made this dream come to reality. If you would like to be a part of this important event, visit you can donate online HERE.

Our awesome team of riders consists of Clare & Mark Ostreicher, Jacqui Hickey, Katie Yori, Dan Naylor, Chris Carr, Caleb Derby, Austin Davco, Craig  Anderson, and Ben Ruegsegger.

Wheels For Wells is a division of Compassion Corps

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