Wheels For Wells Announces 2012 Ride Dates. July 8th – July 14th 2012

Nags Head, NC – Ocean City, NJ July 8th – July 14th 2012

General Questions:

What is the date of the ride?

The dates of the ride are July 8th to July 14th, 2012. All riders are required to be at the kickoff meeting on July 8th at 5:00PM. Riders are expected to stay at the arranged hotel with the group that evening. We start the ride at 7:00AM sharp on July 9th.

How many people will be on the ride?

This year’s ride was developed for a maximum of 20 riders. The event will be capped there and registration is first come, first served. In addition to riders, there will be 7-8 support staff members attending to the riders’ needs along the way.

What is the cut off date for registration?

The last date a rider can DECIDE TO RIDE is June 8th. 100% of the funds required for the ride will be due on July 1st.

Am I qualified to ride?

This ride is for road bike riders only (not hybrid or mountain bikes). Riders are expected to be able to complete up to 70 miles at a pace of 12 miles per hour or faster. Please plan to prepare adequately and come in excellent condition as the tour requires 6 consecutive days of intense cycling. While we will make arrangements for riders to separate into smaller groups based on speed during each day’s route, we expect all riders to train for this ride and be able to complete each leg of the trip.

Is there a rain delay in case of inclement weather?

Riders will be expected to ride in all weather conditions, except for lightning. In the case of severe weather, decisions will be made by the route master concerning delays or any change in plans pertaining to each day’s scheduled ride.

Where does the ride start and end?

The ride starts at the Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront, which is located at 401 N. Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC, US, 27948. The phone number for this hotel is (252) 480-2600.

The ride ends at the Bayside Community Center on 7th Street in Ocean City, NJ.

What does Wheels for Wells provide for the rider?

Please see the list on The Tour page.

What does Wheels for Wells NOT provide for the rider?

  • We do NOT pay for any damages that may occur to your bike during the ride.
  • We do NOT provide towels or bathing supplies.
  • We are NOT responsible for any damages to or theft of personal gear.

    Please see The Tour page for more details.

    What items do you recommend that we bring?

    • Enough riding shorts & jerseys to wear each day
    • Recreational clothing to wear when you are not riding
    • Extra socks
    • At least one sweatshirt/sweatpants.  (We may do a BBQ on the beach at night)
    • Sunglasses
    • Helmet (required)
    • Clip Shoes
    • Wind breaker /Rain Gear
    • Cell phone
    • GPS equipment / bike computer or mobile phone (recommended but not required)
    • Water Bottles
    • Extra Chain
    • Extra Tubes
    • Extra Tires
    • Lube
    • Mole skin, blister medical care
    • BioFreeze / Ben Gay
    • Extra protein bars, gels, riding snacks and extra sports drinks/recovery drinks or mixes
    • Road ID

    How do I get to Nags Head, and how do I get my bike there?

    It is the rider’s responsibility to get to the Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront hotel on July 8th. Our ride orientation will begin that evening at 5:00 sharp. All riders are expectedto have checked into the hotel by that time. Please arrange for transportation there for yourself and your bike.

    Hotel details are as follows: Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront, 401 N. Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC, US  27948, Phone: (252) 480-2600.

    What kind of bike do I need?

    All riders are required to have what is consider to be a road bike OR a triathlon bike. Mountain bikes, hybrids or other kinds of bikes will not be permitted.

    How fast do I need to ride?

    The group of 20 riders will be broken up into 3 groups based upon speeds. The groups will ride as a team while on the road and each team must account for the fastest rider and slowest rider in their particular group. Team captains will check in with the SAG vehicle on a 5 mile basis to make sure that all riders are accounted for and all riders will meet up together every 20 miles for rest and rehydration break. SAG vehicles will work with each team to ensure that riders are receiving appropriate support. No one rides alone.

    Will I ever have to ride alone?

    Your safety is our #1 goal. Riding in groups is the safest form of travel and for that reason, we will always ride in groups. All riders will have the emergency contact numbers in their saddle bags and programmed into their phones. SAG support will always be close by and available to assist you.

    Is there SAG Support?

    We intend to have 2+ vans and/or shuttles on the road at all times. SAG support will cover bike maintenance, medical care and all forms of general assistance. Each rider will be provided with emergency numbers and will know how to reach the route master at any time.

    What happens if my bike breaks?

    If your bike breaks your team captain will stop the team to assess the situation. If it requires further attention, the SAG Support van or shuttle will assist riders who need attention. If other teams are behind the disabled rider, it may be possible to fix the bike and join the next team. Otherwise, a support vehicle will pick up the disabled rider and their bike and take them ahead to the next rest stop where the situation can be resolved. We will stop every 20 miles for food and water, so any delayed rider will be able to catch up with their team at that point. If a rider chooses to hang back to fix their bike on the spot, the team captain will assign them a riding “buddy” who will wait with them so that riders are never alone on the ride.

    What tools does Wheels for Wells provide?

    Wheels for Wells does not provide any tools to hand out to riders. We will have the general equipment to fix a broken chain, de-rail issues, brake issues, flat tires, and broken tires. These adjustments are done each evening, as necessary, as a courtesy for our riders. If your bike requires more attention than you or SAG support can handle, we may request that you put your bike in the van with the intention of fixing your bike at the end of the day’s ride when the group arrives at the destination location (we will find a local bike shop if necessary).

    What happens if the Wheels for Wells mechanics mess up my bike?

    Before you start your ride, you will sign a waiver that gives us permission to handle your bike if necessary. After that point, any fixes that are provided are completed as a courtesy with the full understanding that we have your permission. Any problems that occur with your bike before or after our complimentary maintenance will not be considered our fault and we will not be held responsible for any damages to your bike.

    Will you provide a jersey or T-shirt for riders? Will they be available for non-riders?

    Each rider will receive a Wheels for Wells official riding jersey, which will be available for riders at the launch meeting in Nags Head on July 8th, the evening before the tour begins. Wheels for Wells t-shirts will be offered at a deep discount for interested friends and family of riders who would like to order one.

    Questions About the Cause:

    Is Wheels for Wells a registered non-profit company?

    Wheels for Wells is a fundraising program of Compassion Corps, www.compassion-corps.com.  Compassion Corps is a recognized 501c3 charity based in Glen Mills, PA.

    What percentage of the money I raise will go to Africa?

    Until all corporate sponsorships money is collected, we can promise that between $.75 and $.80 of every dollar will go directly toward the cause. However, our goal is to have this number be closer to between $.90 and $.95 of every dollar. The payment of all trip-related expenses will be made possible through our corporate sponsorship program. Therefore, the success of that program (which is currently in progress) will determine the final percentage of rider-raised funds that can go toward the ultimate goal of building wells.

    Wheels for Wells strives to make your time and effort in fund raising as effective as possible and we certainly are working tirelessly on our end to ensure that the highest possible percentage of your dollars raised goes directly to the cause. If you have connections with a company that may be interested in being a corporate sponsor, please contact us at info@wheelsforwells.com

    What countries will benefit from the water projects generated by this ride?

    Compassion Corps currently serves in the following countries: Liberia, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, and Uganda. Money raised by this ride will support our water projects in these regions for the 2012-2013 season. Water project designation will be based upon priority of need and viability of the local development plan, which will be determined by Compassion Corps. For more details about past and current projects made possible by Wheels for Wells, please visit our Featured Projects page.

    What kind of water projects will be completed?

    There are a number of different water projects that we have the ability to implement based on the particular needs of a given community. Examples of past and current projects include borehole wells, hand-dug concrete wells, extended irrigation systems from existing water infrastructure, water filtration systems, rain water preservation, etc. Different regions require different kinds of projects based upon access to water, the water table, topography, and cultural preferences.

    Will we be able to track the progress of the wells and the development of the villages in which Compassion Corps serves?

    Compassion Corps takes several trips to Africa each year. As a part of our commitment to indigenous field partners, we check up on the regions in which we have served in the past to see if existing water wells and systems are working properly and help to provide them with resources to address any problems and continue with a strategic development plan. Pictures and stories of on going work and recent initiatives can be found on our blog at www.compassion-corps.com.

    Is Wheels for Wells a religious-based event?

    Compassion Corps is registered with the IRS as a non-religious, charitable organization. Though the founders and many of the volunteers are of the Christian faith, the agency’s aim is to engage all willing workers to invest their time, skills, and resources to serve the poorest of the poor in Africa. We often work in partnership with Christian organizations because those relationships have been derived from our personal networks or because we share common humanitarian aid goals on the field. Wheels for Wells welcomes any rider or volunteer who cares about the water crisis to join us on our trip.

    Payment and Fundraising Questions:

    How much does the ride cost?

    The cost of the trip is $2,000. Any pledges that riders receive beyond their required $2,000 will be put into the Wheels for Wells general fund.

    When is the money due?

    A $200 initial deposit is due at the time of registration.
    The remainder of the registration cost must be paid by July 1st.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes. Through our payment gateway we accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Discover.

    Where do we mail our checks?

    Checks can be made out to “Compassion Corps” and mailed to:

    Compassion Corps
    P.O. Box 103
    Chester Heights, PA 19017

    In the memo line please write Wheels for Wells and the name of the rider that is being sponsored. Any checks received on behalf of a rider will be added towards that individual’s $2,000 registration cost. Riders may track the progress of donations/pledges via their online profile.

    How are donations accepted?

    Upon registration, each rider is required to fill out a rider profile. On the rider profile page of the WfW website, interested donors can find the name of the rider who they want to support and select an option to pledge an online donation using their credit card. Donors also have the option to mail in a check to Compassion Corps on behalf of a rider of their choice. The funds, once cleared by the bank, will be credited toward that rider’s registration cost.

    Will donors receive a receipt?

    Receipts for all donations will be sent to the address provided on record. If an individual gives online, they will have the option to included either an email address or the physical address to which you would like a receipt of donation to be sent. If a pledge is sent via a check in the mail, the donor should ensure that the return address is clearly printed on the check and/or return address section of the envelope that is mailed.

    Is my rider registration cost tax deductible?

    As a rider, your rider fees are not tax deductible. Any person or company that pledges on your behalf, however, will receive a tax deductible receipt for their gift.

    Can I donate without doing the ride?

    Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to sponsor a particular rider OR donate to the Wheels for Wells general fund.

    Do you allow for company matching programs?

    Yes! In fact, we highly recommend that you request a company matching program from your employer. Please contact us to request a company match sample form at info@wheelsforwells.org.

    What happens if I am not able to fundraise the full amount?

    All riders are expected to raise the full amount of $2,000. Any rider who has not submitted their full registration payment to Compassion Corps by June 8th, 2012 will not be eligible to ride. All donations submitted to Wheels for Wells are non-transferrable and non-refundable. If you are unable to participate in the event, your donations cannot be refunded, nor can they be transferred to another participant. Your donations will go directly to the cause as if you had participated.

    We would certainly hope your donors will appreciate the opportunity to support Wheels for Wells regardless of your participation, but we also understand that it is preferable for everyone involved if each registered rider is able to follow through with their plan to ride in the event. Therefore, we ask that if you are having trouble with fundraising or having any other complication that may prohibit you from riding, please contact WfW so that any possible arrangements can be made to assist you.

    Registration and Website Questions:

    How do I register?

    All registrations need to be completed online on the DECIDE TO RIDE page.  Go to Wheels for Wells.org/registration and you will go directly to the necessary registration form. Simply fill out the form and the rider bio and submit the initial registration payment to secure a place as one of the 20 registered riders for the 2012 tour. You will receive an email confirmation at the email address you provide during your registration. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wheelsforwells.org

    Does it cost anything to register?

    A $200 payment is required on the day of registration. This amount goes towards your total costs ($2,000). We expect that riders will fundraise the remainder of their registration fee and WfW provides each rider with tools to do so. There is a payment schedule in place to ensure that riders stay on track with their personal sponsorship goals. Late registrants will receive modified payment schedules.

    How do I volunteer?

    In order to achieve success, Wheels for Wells is counting on our volunteers. We have positions in marketing, advertising, logistics, fundraising and rider recruitment. Our goal is to use anyone who is willing in any way where they feel the most equipped to serve. Simply fill out our volunteer registration form and you will be contacted by our staff with more information about the possibility of getting involved with the WfW 2012 tour.

    Do you have a Facebook page?


    Do you have a Twitter Page?

    Do you offer support materials I can use to reach out to my local bike shop?

    Yes we do. To request this information, please contact us at: info@wheelsforwells.org.

    Do you offer material that I can send out to my local newspaper / news station (TV)?

    Yes we do. To request this information please contact us at: info@wheelsforwells.org.

    Wheels For Wells is a division of Compassion Corps

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