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Featured Water Projects

Written by Christopher Carr on Friday, March, 30th, 2012

Project #1) 2011 Completed Project: New well cap and pump in Mali

Details: The 2011 Mid-Atlantic Water Tour enabled Compassion Corps to install a much needed well cap and pump onto a well in the village of Elabdach, Mali, which is located in the Timbuktu region often referred to as the “Belt of Misery.” This well, installed years earlier by Compassion Corps, had been successfully providing an accessible water source and had already revolutionized the daily lives of the people of this village. However, without a proper pump and cap, the well’s water was in danger of becoming contaminated. For this reason, part of the money raised by the 2011 Wheels for Wells tour was immediately designated to addressing this issue. With the well now properly sealed, this water source can continue to be a wellspring of health and hope for the nomadic desert peoples of Elabdach. These new provisions will ensure that this vital water source stays free of contamination and provides safe, clean water for years to come.

The well at Elabdach prior to receiving a cap and pump

A woman using the completed well

The work is being done to install the new features: a cap and pump

Project #2) 2011-2012 Project In Process: Borehole well for School in Liberia

Details: Liberia has endured two decades of civil war and is just beginning its steps toward recovery under the strong leadership of their president. It is the needs that have come about as rebuilding takes place that has caught the attention of Compassion Corps. Education is a major priority, but before kids can be taught, schools must be constructed, teachers must be trained and resources must be provided. One school in Nimba County – one of the hardest hit areas during the war – is eager to do its part, but it lacks access to clean water for its facility. Compassion Corps has partnered with school and plans are in the works to use a portion of the funds generated by the 2011 WfW tour to install a new borehole well on this school’s property, ensuring that it can flourish as a effective place of education and growth for Liberia’s young people.

This new well will not only benefit the school’s 300+ students, but will be situated in a prime location to also serve as a community well that can benefit the many villagers who currently do not have access to clean water without walking for miles. During the war in Liberia, it was not uncommon for rebels to come through a village and destroy water systems or purposefully contaminate wells. The image below was taken in Nimba and shows the broken water system that currently exists there. It is a daily reminder of war and a daily threat to the health of the community. With the new borehole well that Compassion Corps is installing, Nimba County can take a major step forward out of the wreckage of war and onto a path toward a safer, healthier future.

An example of a destroyed water system, broken by rebels during the war

An example of a borehole well like the one that will be installed at the school

A man washing in the open canal system

Project #3) 2011-2012 Project In Process: Water piping system in Morocco

Details: In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a rural community will be receiving piping that will allow clean spring water from above to reach their village homes below without contamination. Currently, the water travels several miles from the spring to the village via an open canal system. People bathe in the water, animals drink from it, debris is collected in the canal and the water source is highly contaminated by the time a family collects it at the bottom of the mountain for drinking. A simple, enclosed piping system that transports the clean water safely down the mountain is all that is needed in this area to prevent countless deaths each year. With basic health education and the provision of safe water, the people of this town can avoid the fatal water-related illnesses that have plagued this area for years. The first image shows the open water way where the water collects contaminants along its route. The second image shows a Moroccan child collecting dirty water at the bottom of the mountain. The final image shows the kind of piping system that is being planned for installation in this area during the summer of 2012

A boy collects dirty water at the bottom of the mountain

Example of the type of new piping that will be installed


Expectations for 2012-2013

The goal of the 2012 ride will be to raise enough funds to complete several new water projects. Compassion Corps has plans to place 2 hand dug wells- complete with pump and cap- in two additional villages outside of Timbuktu, Mali. Each of these new wells will serve over 1,000 people. In Liberia, work will be done with various partners of Compassion Corps to restore their broken, contaminated water systems that were destroyed during the war. Lastly, an orphanage outside of Jinja, Uganda, will receive a borehole well to provide them with needed water for drinking, cooking, and washing. This well will not only serve the orphanage, but the entire surrounding community also.

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